Sunday, May 4, 2014


You never truly understand the feeling of a "Meh." day, until you actually have one. I can see the light bulbs tinking on from here lol 
Now, any other person (please note that I refuse to say "normal" because it is now and always will be only a setting on your washing machine and not a term to describe a living being) will suffer a Meh. day very rarely. Even a fortunate few may never (we call these folks lucky bastards). However, there is the rare breed (that would be us) that handles more Meh. days than we know what to do with. But, like the true warriors that we are deep down, we trudge along our well-beaten paths. We know the roads on which we travel, as well as the rough terrain ahead. So while we may indeed have our Meh. days, we never let them stop us from proceeding on to the next one. 

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